Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I get excited about weird things: price guns and free donuts.

Yesterday was all about the bookstore.

In the morning, I went down to the new location on Main Street (my first time there) for a store meeting.  Cheryl and Steve, my bosses, had brought coffee and donuts, so as they started talking I was stuffing my face with sugar and caffeine.  (It was a little weird because no one else was quite as enthusiastic about the free food; am I a freak with a bottomless stomach?)  As they talked, I glanced around at the group and realized I had met all of the other employees already, save for the new kid who had just been hired a day or two earlier.  Not bad, considering I don't work terribly frequently.

So Steve gave us a verbal tour of the store, and laid down some of the ground rules.  I guess he had some bad luck with his previous business (a chain of gyms) because some of the rules he had seemed so obvious that I was shocked he even mentioned it.  Things like, "When the store is closed, it's closed.  Don't come in after hours to hang out."  Duh. After handing out keys and reminding everyone that hey, free food!, the meeting broke up and folks started drifting out.

Me? I stayed.  There was a lot of set-up work to be done, and I had nothing much to do with my morning.  Plus, Cheryl offered me a price gun and I can't remember the last time I was given the chance to run wild sticking stickers onto things.  So that was my morning, pricing sidelines like soap and greeting cards.

The good news is that after several false starts, the store should be opening on Wednesday, and I'll be lucky enough to work the opening shift.  Woohoo!  First employee in the store!  First one to encounter the inevitable first day hiccups!

I can't wait.
Tags: bookshopgirl, work

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