Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sorry, kids. BUSTED!

Last night we had an evening event at RHA, so I was at work 'til 1:00 AM. Overall, the party was fine - the guests were respectful and the DJ actually listened when we got noise complaints and adjusted the music appropriately. They just ran late - initially the party had been scheduled 'til 11, but at some point in the last week it was extended 'til 12 and actually getting guests to leave and cleaning up took another hour.

But since I was here for the party, I was able to catch a group of eight-ten teenage boys who came running into the pool at midnight. I'm sure they've done late night swimming plenty of times in the past, because there's usually no one around to notice.

They were so funny, though, when I came out to yell at them to leave.
"Can't we stay? We just came back from a football game." Oh, well in THAT CASE...
"But...we need to relax!" That's what bathtubs are for.

Good kids, though. After a few minutes of whining and joking, the leader said, "C'mon guys, she's just doing her job" and they left quietly. No doubt to sneak off into another pool on the other side of the property - when I was their age, that's what I would have done! But compared to some of the adults we've caught breaking rules - grown men and women shrieking and cussing me out - these boys were little angels.
Tags: rha, work

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