Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Things That Make a Bookstore

I had a fellow come into the bookstore today who insisted, over and over and over again, that what we needed was a couch. Never mind that we have purple plush chairs all over the place; ignore the fact that there's nowhere a couch would fit that would still allow the store to be ADA compliant. WE CANNOT BE A BOOKSTORE WITHOUT A COUCH!

I really wanted to say, "What will a couch bring to the store? Well, teenagers like to make out in them. Dogs like to jump on them. People will feel more entitled to sit all day and read our books instead of buying them. Look, if you can convince me that the couch will be of economic benefit to the store, I'm willing to listen. But I'm really not seeing how we, as a business, will benefit."

But I kept my mouth shut because, you know, customer service. I offered him a chair, which he refused, and kept trying to redirect the conversation towards books. Finally, after his fifth or sixth repetition of "You guys need a couch," I asked him where he would put the sofa, which stymied him because, as I said, there's no space to put one.

He left soon after that. No sale, naturally. Perhaps if we'd had a couch..?

But I doubt it.

Tags: bookshopgirl, work

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