Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Main Street is open!

Today was the grand opening of our Main Street location!

Foot traffic was a bit slow, but steady.  People were really curious to see a new bookstore, and excited that we were open.  Still, there weren't a lot of people coming in, so I spent a lot of time pricing keychains and magnets and other sideline items.

There were hiccups, naturally.  The biggest one was that the credit card machine was not yet online, so we had to take credit card payments manually.  That ALWAYS sucks.  We didn't even have an imprint machine, so I had to manually write out every single credtic card number, the buyer's name, their phone number and their zip code.  I hope that the machine is operational by my next shift!

We also don't have gift cards, which hasn't been a problem yet but will be one if we don't hurry and get it sorted out.

But hooray!  The store is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!
Tags: books, bookshopgirl

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