Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I can't wait for a day off...

Once again, our house has descended into chaos.

I'm home so infrequently now with school five days a week and juggling two jobs - which average between 25 and 45 hours each week, depending on the schedule combination - that I haven't had a chance to do basic chores like washing laundry and putting shoes away after I kick them off at the end of the day.  Every bag containing books or household supplies gets dropped on the floor and then stays there since I'm usually too tired to put them away properly.

"But your husband is home all day!  Surely he can do some light cleaning," you may be thinking.  Not so.  Seanie has been under a lot of deadlines lately and he's on his computer practically nonstop, and the stress of his projects leaves him so mentally exhausted that at the end of day, anything more taxing than watching an episode or two of a TV show is beyond him.  We have IKEA bookshelves that were purchased back in August, I think, and they're still leaning against the wall, waiting to be assembled.

Just no energy for it!
Tags: house, housewife, mess

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