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Ketchup? Catch up!

Quick Hits:
Saturday: I met the boi in Santa Cruz for a cute li'l date-date. I was all candikidraver and I was a cutie! My hair started out clipped up with a pouf on the side but I took it down after a while because the clips were giving me a headache. At Logos Bookstore I picked up a book filled with photographs of the work of Asian designers; it was only six dollars! Gorgeous. We walked down to the Boardwalk and ate fried shrimp and fries; it was cold by the beach as the fog had not yet burned away. The ocean water was hypnotic. Waves roll in, waves roll out. In, out. In, out.
We wandered into the arcade and played DDR (the boi beat me ;_; how can it be?) and air hockey (and I suck! But this we knew) and I watched the boi play pinball. There was a Super Mario pinball machine that looked like early '90's, and it sucked royally. The damn ball would shoot out and roll in a perfect arch between the two pointy-smacker-thingies.
Watching the clock (which was hard because he has no watch and my cellie's battery was low) we wandered back to a different bookstore and met his friends Andy and Fish. Andy I've met once before; Fish was a newbie. (If I ever called her Fish to her face, I bet she'd kill me. Or, she'd laugh and secretly think "Gosh, Sailor's girl is a b*tch." But my diary = my nicknames. ^_^; Andy could use a more creative one, tho'.) They're nice people. I was recalled relatively early and drifted home, reading the whole way home.

Sunday: Woo-hoo; Clean Habit Soaps has been sent an order. I like their products because they're vegan and the owner, Charity, is such a doll. If it's half as nice as I've been hearing, I'll have to see about possibly carrying the soaps and lotions in Makaiju. That might be spreading out a bit, tho'. Hmmm...will have to think of that. Expanding into clothing is going to be tough enough as it is...I probably shouldn't complicate that with body care, too. Mwwrrrr...

Monday: Drooling, drooling, drooling over Anjali's summer lines. Makaiju will definitely be picking up her sleep sets, and probably an underwear set or two as well. ^_^ Since I'll be getting a pretty hefty check in about a week, I think I'll get a load of her handbags and clothing. Ooooo, expansion is exciting.

Tuesday: Finished Jude the Obscure. It's a good book; but then, I like classic literature. Sue Brideshead, one of the few truly narcissistic women in literature, reminds me of myself in many, many ways. I like her. I will probably grow up to be her. ^_^; Irk. That's bad. Too bad that was Thomas Hardy's last novel...oh well. I've got to read a few of his others now.
In drawing we used vine charcoal, which is very messy. I'm glad I wore a black dress (Kitty: That's short. Me: It is? o.O But as it turns out, the dress is quite short. Laa...) because the charcoal gets everywhere. The teacher had us cover our paper in charcoal (I used up two of my three sticks ;_; ) and then erase the image into it. Hard! Well, laying out the image wasn't so bad, but getting detail was a b*tch.
Boi came over after class and fell asleep on my bed. Ha ha. If he does that again, I'm drawing on him. We went to the mall to buy him a shirt, because the one he was wearing got smelly and stinky. At Sears he bought a wallet and at Macy's he got a white dress shirt, which will double for his Setsuna costume at Fanime. ^_^ He cosplays and crossdresses! Important features both!
I ought to cosplay...hmm...thanks to that big check mentioned earlier, I might be able to get contacts in time. Maybe. Actually...probably not. ;_; Kaiser's a brat that way. I suppose I could try, tho'.

Today: I've decided on a new feature to add to my diary. Fashion scribbles! Every entry (at least, every sizeable one...the stupid li'l quizzes don't count) will have a scribble of what I wore that day, or an outfit I'm thinking of (maybe I saw it somewhere, maybe it's designed in my head) rendered lovingly in ballpoint pen for that lovely raw look I really like. Even though today's is colored in pencil, most of the time it will be done with markers because overall I prefer it, despite Crayola's limited palette. (I need Prismacolor! ;_; I need Copic! Mmmm...copic....)
Got the photos back from Champions on Ice – they didn't turn out! Precious Plushy-sama's ass is not recorded for my viewing pleasure! Sadness!

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