Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Three events in one day...bad idea?

We had three back-to-back events at the bookstore today, which made for one crazy Saturday!

The morning wasn't so bad. It was “Hello Kitty Day”, celebrating Hello Kitty's fortieth birthday. This was one of those publisher-backed initiatives that we had to host on a certain day; otherwise, I think we would have saved it for a Saturday that was not on the weekend before Halloween. Not too many people showed up, but if they had we were ready with cat ears for kids to wear, complete with signature red bow, and coloring sheets and activity pages to entertain the wee ones. I wore my Badz Maru t-shirt since it was actually rather appropriate, but apparently his popularity has declined since I was in middle school because I don't think anyone realized he was a Sanrio character.

In the early afternoon we had a local author come in for a Halloween-themed story time. She read her picture book, The Adventures of Frazzle and Twitch, to an audience of kids, and then chatted and autographed books for them. The illustrator, a graduate from San Jose State, had also come to the event, and we had a lot of fun reminiscing about our student days and gossiping about our favorite professors. This event had a larger turnout, with a steady stream of people buying the book. It's a very cute little story, with lovely illustrations. It pretty much sells itself!

My shift was over by this point, so I didn't stay for the final event. The set-up looked quite nice. Two authors had a joint signing and meet and greet session, which hopefully translated to double sales! But I was wiped out after two events; I don't know how my boss made it through the third one.
Tags: bookshopgirl

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