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09 November 2014 @ 06:39 pm
I really need to make some time in my schedule to study chemistry.  I've been really slacking on it the last few weeks, what with not keeping up with the readings and occasionally sleeping through the 7:30 am class.  But there's an exam coming up in the next week or two, so I really need to buckle down.

Chemistry really hasn't gotten any easier.  It's a little funny, but the same problems that plagued me when I took it in high school carry through today.  I can't keep the different forms of chemical bonds straight, I practice and read my notes and question the teacher but still can't get something as basic as sig figs correct.  But when it comes to the labs, I get perfect results and perfect grades on my lab reports.  I can handle chemicals, no problem, but I just can't do the chemistry!

Well, back to the books...