Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A Haunted Castle

As I was skimming Facebook a few days ago, I saw a post by a local real estate agent directing readers to check out a neighborhood haunted house on the edge of Willow Glen.  Since Willow Glen was home to a lot of great Halloween decorations this year, including an enormous black widow spider that trick-or-treaters had to walk under at one house and a Monsters Inc panorama at another, I figured this "haunted castle" she described would be worth investigating.


The castle was smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  There was a line snaking across the street in front of the castle, so Seanie and I got in line and prepared to wait. Sounds of a medieval battle - grunting men, clanging shields, clashing swords - were pumped out into the street as men and women in period costume allowed visitors to cross the drawbridge and enter the castle. According to a woman we spoke to, the volunteers who erected it had started planning and decorating back in August.

Each room was laid out to resemble a room one might find in a movie castle.  (This haunted castle is supposedly inspired by the film Braveheart.) The blacksmith's room, a throne room, a dining hall, a torture name it.  Populated by skeletons and actors who balance scaring and making visitors laugh, it was like walking through a Disneyland attraction.  The garden that twisted around the back even had a dragon that breathes fire.

The photos I took of the interior didn't turn out, but I was poking around online and managed to locate a video someone took as he was walking through:

So that's awesome!

It looks like these guys do a completely different haunt every year, designing it from the ground up.  That's so amazing to me.  I mean, this is some guy's house created by volunteers, not a professional haunt!  I respect and admire their dedication to creating an awesome experience for San Jose locals.  All they ask in return is for donations of canned goods for local food banks and financial donations to help pay for the haunt's construction.
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