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Ipsy: November 2014



Glitter?  I love glitter!  I must confess, thought, that as I get older it gets increasingly more difficult to pull off sparkly looks.  Still, I love to play with sparkly things, so this may be a very cool bag.

The bag itself is plastic vinyl with silver glitter inbedded in it.  It's a sparkly little makeup bag with a hot pink zipper.  On the black lining inside, there is a tag that reads "FOREVER 21 COSMETICS FOR IPSY".  Huh.  Was this bag a collaboration with the discount fashion chain?  How...different.


At a glance, I can't say any of the items in the bag are jumping out at me, but let's take a closer look...

J CAT BEAUTY Wonder Lip Paint in "Red Potion": Whoa.  Whoa whoa.  This is waaaay too dark for me.  The tube of lip paint is such a dark red that's practically black.  Maybe if I wanted to look like a vampire it would work?  There was a brighter red color, "Mad Splatter", that was sent out in some of the other Ipsy bags - too bad I didn't get that one!  The J. Cat Beauty website is down, so I wasn't able to find a price for this item, but Ipsy recently ran a 3/$15 sale on them.  Full size. $5.00

BE A BOMBSHELL COSMETICS Eye Base in "Submissive": I've used eyeshadow base/primers before, but I think this is just a creamy eyeshadow.  It's a bronze color, but it goes on as a very light and subtle shimmer.  At first glance, the pot looks huge, but when you hold it up to the light you can see that it is incredibly shallow.  All of the eyeshadow is contained in the lid area, not in the actual pot!


See?  You can look straight through the clear plastic of the pot to the table.  That seems a trifle deceptive, but I guess the package does say only 2g of eyeshadow is contained within.  Full size. $14.00

ELIZABETH MOTT You're So Fine Eyeliner in "Glitterati": Another liquid liner.  I think I've gotten 3 or 4 this fall in various subscription boxes.  Well, I really like my Elizabeth Mott mascara so I'm sure I'll give this a go.  The website claims that the easy to use brush on this liner is perfect for first time users, so who knows?  Maybe I'll finally get the hang of this!  Full size. $17.99

MARC ANTHONY Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray: Another hairspray?  Le sigh.  For what it's worth, this is supposed to be magical stuff with moroccan argan oil to nourish hair, but I am so tired of getting weird hair products in bags.  Travel size. $2.99

TEMPTU S/B Highlighter in "Pink Pearl": What a tiny bottle!  This product is about the size of one of those freebie perfume samples Sephora is always tossing into my orders.  The website recommends either blending it with your foundation for an allover glow or using it to highlight and contour your face.  It seems like a good product, but one I'm too lazy to fuss over.  Sample. $2.75

An interesting collection of items, clearly gearing up for the holidays with sparkly items.  Not much in here for me, though.  The lip paint might have been a hit in a different shade, and the eyeliner may work out if I can figure out how to use it, but this wasn't one of Ipsy's best showings.
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