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When was the last time I updated my profile page?

On Livejournal’s profile page, a user is given the opportunity to write a short introduction. It’s been a really long time since I’ve looked at mine, and as I glanced over it today I was slightly horrified by how out-of-date the information was.

To start with, I still list my name as “Samchan”, which is a throwback to my high school days. See, my mom had this very strict rule that I couldn’t use my real name anywhere online, so I developed a pseudonym for the rare times I was required to provide a “real” name. If you could go back and see my teenage eBay account or e-mail address, you’d see that everything was registered under the name “Samantha Houston”. I haven’t used that alias in years, but apparently my Livejournal was never updated to reflect this.

Well, it is now. After fifteen years (ye gods!) it finally says Suzi.


This is the biography that I wrote for myself, once upon a time:

What can I say? I'm just another poor starving art student working retail to keep afloat. I have an overactive imagination and dangerous affections toward musicals, ballet, opera, and everything else that falls under the umbrella of 'theatre.' I may have missed my life's calling by not attempting to be an actress, but I've got a brother into that and Lord knows, Mom didn't need two of us in the family.
So I'm a fashion major, and she assures me that isn't any better. But I love clothes, so it was a natural step! Shopping is great. Tailored clothing is great. Karl Lagerfeld is really great.
Jeans tucked into your boots is not great. We're also over your ruched-boobs and empire-waist combination, dearie, especially when you attempt to tie a tiny ill-fitted bolero sweater over. (We were over that before it BEGAN.)

I'm also a history geek. I love old things. Old architecture, old clothes, old historical sites where two hundred years ago the city's forefathers spat on the ground, and old money. Not that I'm opposed to new money, mind you.

I'm pretty sure I spent most of junior high and high school being a bit of a bookworm and possibly possessing some intelligence, but I do believe I've moved on to become a shallow, superficial, vapid girl. Grammar Nazis can't stand me, because I abuse the English language regularly.

Books are good. Movies are good. Music is good.
Celebrities on their 14:59 minute of fame are so not good.

While I’m not sure when I last updated this. 2004? 2005? It’s been a long, long time. Wow. Let’s just get that off the profile page, like yesterday. I’ll come up with something better later, but for now let’s slide a placeholder in. Something like:

Tea-swilling, travel-obsessing, history-nerding, art-making bookworm.

Done. We can tweak that more later.


Let’s not even get started on how desperately my “Interests” tags need to be updated. They’re so weird, random, and out-of-date that I will have to write an entirely separate post about them. But that’s enough Livejournal cleaning for today.
Tags: livejournal, self-representation on the internet, social networking

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