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Glossybox: November 2014



Well, this is it.
My last Glossybox.
My subscription started with the December 2013 box, and I don't plan to renew my annual subscription for a couple of key reasons:
- I've got a lifetime supply (or at least 2-3 years) of skincare and makeup thanks to the past year of subscription boxes
- Glossyboxes are arriving later and later each month, and customer service response is slow
- Canceling this subscription and Escape Monthly frees up at least $50 a month to be placed in savings or (more likely) spent on other things

So what did I find in this final, good-bye box?


KNEIPP Herbal Bath: Balancing in Lavender: I've never seen products by this company before, but it looks like a German brand.  Lavender baths are always soothing right before bedtime.  The lavender helps me get to sleep and it's supposed to be great for balancing the skin, too.  This travel-sized bottle has enough bath oil for one or two baths.  20ml. $5.50

OPI NAIL LACQUER in "Pink Outside the Box": OPI makes great nail polish, so I certainly have no objection to receiving a bottle in the box.  This wishy-washy pastel pink matches the color of Glossybox packaging, which is a cute idea but unfortunate because it's a hideous color on my skin.  Perhaps I can trade this for something less reminiscent of Barbie.  15 ml. $9.50

SO SUSAN COSMETICS Universal Blush: Not much to say about this one.  Glossybox sends out neutral pinky-peach blushes a couple times each year, and I guess it was time for another one.  It looks OK.  I've never heard of the company, but I like that they are animal cruelty-free, testing neither ingredients or products on animals.  4g, full-sized. $27.95

JUICE BEAUTY Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer: Juice Beauty makes good products and I know that this is a great facial moisturizer.  I've had smaller samples and used it before.  This is the one item in the box that makes me really excited.  15ml. $11.25

12 BENEFITS Instant Healthy Hair Treatment: It seems like all-in-one hair treatments are all the rage now.  I've definitely gotten similar products in other subscription boxes.  I still haven't gotten around to using one, though - still working my way through a soy hair renewal bottle from Big Sexy Hair.  I'm intrigued, though.  According to the  product website, the 12 benefits are:
Seal hair color + Smooth frizz + Repair damage + Prevent split ends + Moisturize dry hair + Strengthen fragile hair + Prevent flat iron damage + Prevent chlorine, wind & sun damage + Add shine, softness and a silky finish + Protect hair from blow-drying + Improve detangling & manageability + Keep hair youthful 
45ml. $7.25

If the contents of this box had been amazing, it might have changed my mind about unsubscribing.  But nothing really stood out to me.

If you haven't tried Glossybox before, and you're looking for a beauty sampler box, it's a pretty good one.  The products aim at a slightly older demographic than Birchbox or Ipsy, I think, and tend to have a higher price point.  I might resubscribe in the future after I work my way through the products currently hanging out in my closet.
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