Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

My car hits 100,000 miles!

I've been watching my odometer the last couple of days as it inched closer and closer to 100K, and I was lucky enough to be able to be at a stoplight when it changed so I was able to get a picture with my cell phone.  Amadeus, my Honda Civic, has made it to 100,000 miles!

He's been a great car.  We've gone up and down to Southern California more times than I can remember, and at least once a year we go up to Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Amadeus also kept me safe and on the move in Utah, when he became my mobile home on the road every time I wanted to leave the safety of my trailer behind the Anasazi museum.   With Jeannie behind the wheel, Amadeus even got me safely to my wedding (albeit a bit late since we took a wrong turn despite my dad's warning).

All things considered, Amadeus is in great shape.  Sure, the "H" Honda emblem from the back of the trunk is long gone; someone stole it from a West Valley parking lot sometime in the first year that I owned the car.  There are some minor scratches on the trunk from when I've put buckets of mail on top and a tiny crack in the center of the windshield. But after nearly ten years, that's not bad at all.
Tags: cars

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