Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Portraits of my significant other and otter

Today is very wet and stormy.  I can hear the raindrops drumming on the roof and splashing down off the edge of the roof outside my office window.  Such a downpour keeps the residents far, far away, so it's been exceptionally quiet this morning.

So I did some doodling.

It started with a self-portrait:


Then, for fun, I decided to draw Jeans and Seanie in the same style.

This Jeans features a rainbow-barfing dinosaur and henna-covered hand.

Sean likes giraffes and toe shoes.

After three people, I ran out of steam and moved on to something else, like the actual work I'm supposed to do.  But they turned out pretty cute, no?

Tags: art, doodles, jeans, seanie

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