Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Living in a total mess.

One month ago yesterday, Seanie and I received some furniture from his brother. The process of cleaning out the bedroom threw the rest of the house into chaos, as stacks and piles of things were moved so that the old furniture could come out and the new pieces could come in.

Today, it's just as disastrous as before. It seems like every time we manage to get one room presentable, life kicks up into super busy mode for a few days, and the other rooms slide into greater messiness. We start to shuffle things around to alleviate disasters, and suddenly all the rooms look awful.

Some of this ties into the simple fact that after coming home from work, neither of us wants to tackle a big cleaning project. But there's lots of little things we should be doing that just doesn't happen. Sean doesn't wash the dishes every night. I don't take out the recyclables every night. Things pile up in the kitchen. I don't feel like putting my shoes back in the closet after I kick them off. Sean doesn't want to carry his clothes to the laundry basket in the bathroom. Little piles of pants and tees and socks start forming in the corners of the living room and the bedroom. Sean gets a series of laptops to review for work, and their boxes are piled in the office because he'll need to ship them back when he's done. I can't get to my desk drawers because they're blocked by the boxes, so I pile stuff on the desk and, once that runs out of space, spill out onto every available surface.

And so on it goes, until we're drowning in clutter and mess.

This is why we don't have guests over. I'm too embarrassed by it all. The mess adds to Sean's stress and he claims he just wants to blow the house up and start over.

But we both know what the solution is. We need to stop being so damn f*cking lazy and deal with it, even if we're tired from working. It's the only way things will change.
Tags: clutter, mess

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