Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

No dogs in the bookstore. It's not a hard concept.

Sometimes the entitlement of dog owners in this town really gets to me.

Los Gatos is a dog-loving town. I get this. Dogs (and pets in general) aren't my thing, but to a lot of people they're a great companion that they love to spend time with. Wonderful. Good for you. Go to town. I am totally OK with dog owners walking their dogs outside the shop.

The key to this is outside the shop.

I don't want your dog in the store. Ten years ago, I feel like this wasn't something I ever had to explain to a customer, it was just understood. Then, at some point, people began to think it was OK to bring their dogs everywhere. Now, many people expect to take their dogs everywhere, not just pet stores.

Why would it be OK to bring your dog into a clothing store, a bookstore, a coffee shop? Uncontrolled animals bark and knock over displays, while even well-behaved dogs can smell or bring dirt in. (I mean, we're next to a hiking trail. You think I want your sweaty, smelly dog in my poorly ventilated shop? Heck no.) Your dog is perfectly groomed? Well, it's probably still going to shed a few hairs as it wanders about, and over the course of the day pet dander will build up in the air. Then some poor soul with a terrible allergy will come in and start sneezing and coughing and won't be able to shop our store.

So yeah, leave the dog outside.

We even try to make the outside inviting. There's a nice soft bed for the dog to wait in, and rings to tie the leash to if the dog wants to stand. There are benches so if there are multiple people in your party, one of them can sit out there with the dog if you like. We even have several containers filled with treats so you can give your dog something to nibble.

Oh my gosh, the treats. We probably go through $25-$40 in treats each week, and I would say 75-80% of the people who take them aren't customers, just folks out walking their dogs. Certainly, I've never seen them in the store.

But anyway, so we try to make the outside area as nice as possible for your dogs, but most people ignore our sign and try to bring them inside. When I ask them to please leave the dog outside, they loudly declare that they'd never shop at a place that won't let their dog in and from now on, they'll take all their business to Amazon because how dare you make poor Spot or Flopsy wait outside with all the other common dogs.

Guess what? That Amazon warehouse won't let your dog in, either.

Ugh. know, we never have this problem with cat people...
Tags: dogs, downtown, los gatos

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