Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Out of the running...for now.

Found out this morning that I am out of the running for the position at Big DotCom.  I kinda figured things were trending that way when I didn't hear back by Wednesday, but I finally got the confirmation from my recruiter after sending an e-mail.  To quote the feedback provided by the interviewer to my recruiter:

"I liked speaking with Suzi; she seems to be little junior as I am looking for someone with more experience, though she seemed really lovely as a person!
Hence we aren't moving forward"

Experience is always the curse that gets me!  Thinking back over the interview, though, it wasn't really a surprise.  The position I was applying for was in marketing, which I did not fully realize going into the interview.  (I knew very little about what the job entailed.)  While I know how to sell in person I choked a bit when asked how I would market products online.  I started talking about social media, but once the interviewer said social media was a separate division I had trouble coming up with additional ways of generating promotion.  It's something I'll put some effort into learning more about in the next few weeks because if I want to pursue this sort of job at this or another Big DotCom, I'd better have a better answer prepared next time.  Besides, I should probably learn more about basic marketing terminology - I didn't study it in school, and I think the inability to express myself in the "proper" marketing jargon cost me the job, since there didn't see to be any deficit in my general knowledge of the industry.
Tags: interview, job hunting

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