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01 February 2015 @ 10:28 pm
2015 New Year's Resolution: February Update  
So I only had one resolution this year, hoping that singling out one goal would lead to productivity.


Current backlogs are:
k00kaburra: up from 229 to 232 entries
fashion_piranha: steady at 49 reviews

I didn't reduce the backlogs, but I was able to nearly maintain a daily update routine.  Given that one of the reasons I have failed to accomplish getting this goal off my list for the last two-three years has been partly because it's hard to get into a regular habit of updating, let alone managing two or three entries each day.  But if I'm getting into the habit of writing an entry each day, then perhaps this month I'll start extending myself to two daily entries once or twice a week and start working down that backlog!