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Ipsy: February 2015



It's February, so I'm sure this bag will be full of hearts and pink things, maybe with something sparkly to tie it all together.  There might  be a lip balm to keep your kisser soft and moisturized for Valentine's Day, or a floral feminine perfume.  The pastel balloons in the picture make me wonder if I'm about to be overwhelmed by a palette ofa of baby blue, easter chick yellow, and lightly lavender eyeshadows.  That would be...awful.


The bag has a really cute print this month.  Nice, geometric, reminds me a bit of the 1960s.  I like that it's definitely pink, but not boring like the Ipsy bag from last February or that horrible ravioli design from July.  I see a lot of pink in the objects, too.

'TINI BEAUTY Rob Scheppy Eyeshadow in "Pearl Fizz": 'Tini Beauty is one of the companies that makes regular appearances in my Ipsy bag.  I've gotten liquid eyeshadows, nail polishes, and a lip gloss in the past.  The Rob Scheppy (who?) line is new, though.  This subtle shimmer can be used as either a shadow or a highlighter.  I have similar products so I probably won't keep it, but it looks decent.  Since it retails at $12.00, I could argue that this single item has already made up the cost of the bag, which is exciting.  Ipsy is one of those companies that always gives you a great bargain on their subscription items.  Full size. $12.00

CARGO COSMETICS Mini Lip Gloss in "Anguilla": Cargo Cosmetics is one of those brands that I remember seeing at Sephora when I first got into make-up, but I never got around to trying them.  I guess they didn't do well because they got dropped by the cosmetics chain around 2010.  This lip gloss looks like an OK formula, but a tad too pastel pink for my skin tone.  Travel size. $8.00

MODELCO Blush Cheek Powder in "Cosmopolitan": I was totally prepared to make a snarky comment about how Ipsy always sends me blush, but then I realized it's actually been nearly a year since the last one was sent to me.  (Seven months if you count this lip/cheek stain.)  So carry on, Ipsy.  If I had been using that other blush, now would be the perfect time to send me a new one because that pan of pressed powder would surely be empty by now.  I usually prefer a more peachy-pink blush, but this pink still looks pretty wearable since it's neither uber-pale or fuchsia.  Travel size. $15.00?

HEY HONEY Take It Off Exfoliating Mask: This reminds me of Lush's Brazened Honey face mask, but a glance at the ingredients list (posted online but not on the actual product) shows that this will be a less effective product.  There seems to be a fair amount of filler chemicals in the formula, though it's been years since I sold skincare so maybe I'm just forgetting the role of carbomer, triethanolamine, and phenoxyethanol. Trial size. $5.80

LUXIE Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush: Love it!  Springly bristles, matches the contours of my face very nicely.  I've been curious about angled brushes, but never bothered to buy one because I use bronzers and highlighters so rarely. sIt's the perfect thing to get in an Ipsy bag. The company claims that a "revolutionary antibacterial" coating means users have to clean their brushes less often.  Sounds like a bit of BS to me, but I still like the shape.  Full size. $16.00

This bag is one of the strongest I've received lately in terms of assortment. Sure, I don't like some of the colors, but a highlighter/eyshadow, a lip gloss, a blush, a face mask, and a brush is a great combination - practically an entire look in a single bag.  Good job, Ipsy.


Ipsy is a subscription service that sends a cosmetics bag filled with 4-5 products every month. It's $10 per month (plus tax). If you'd like to sign up or learn more, please consider using my referral link:
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