Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Never live on a busy public street if you can avoid it.


As you may know from my endless grousing, Seanie and I live on one of San Jose's busiest streets. There is a constant jockeying for parking in front of the house, made all the harder by the fact that my brother-in-law and his neighbors to the left are car hoarders, and the neighbors on our right have frequent visitors.

Some dickwad parked a big commercial truck and construction vehicle (Seanie guesses it's a wood chipper?) in front of our house. We have no idea who it belongs to, but we really need it moved. It is impeding slightly on the entrance to our driveway, making the entrance so narrow that in an attempt to avoid hitting the vehicle, Seanie clipped his car on our wooden fence. So now his Mustang has some scratches and a dent on its front.

I looked up the company name and the vehicle is a rental, and it doesn't look like the business is open on weekends so I have no way to get the thing moved unless I go door to door asking who rented the truck, which I'm scared to do because frankly there are some shady-ass characters living on our street. So I reported the vehicle to the city, because I'm pretty sure there are rules about parking commercial vehicles on public streets for longer than 48 hours, but I'm sure that by the time Code Enforcement gets around to doing anything (IF they get around to doing anything) the vehicle will be long gone.

But thanks to the damage to Seanie's car, we'll always remember this wood chipper thing with absolute loathing, and if I happen to be here when the person it belongs to comes to move it I'm going to rip him a new one.
Tags: car trouble, cars, rant

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