Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sushi Pizza: Brilliance!

Disclaimer: Not my photo.  I forgot to take a picture last night so I stole the first image of the dish I found on Google Images.  Sorry, original photographer.  I followed Google's link to Yelp but couldn't locate the original image.

This obvious Wonder of the World, my friends, is a Sushi Pizza, one of the mouthwatering and brilliant creations of Cha Cha Sushi.  It is a roll filled with salmon, tuna, crab, cucumber and cream cheese.  It is then topped with mozzarella, tobiko, green onions, spicy mayo and unagi sauce.  This mountain of ingredients is then baked.

It is so delicious.  The edges of the rice is crisped from the oven, and the cheese makes the insides gooey.   The spiciness of the sauce is so good with the cheese, and it pairs with the fish so much better than you are imagining right now.  It's amazing.  Tastes like heart attack, but according to my husband when I described it later, it's probably not that unhealthy.

I know that some people think that baked sushi is an abomination, but I bet a taste of this would change their mind.
Tags: food, heart attack heaven, japanese food, sushi

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