Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Black and White


Seanie's experiments with analog cameras continue.
He's progressed to the point where he's taking photos in black and white and developing them on his own, in our home.

This is one of the pictures from his first batch.  It turned out pretty well, although I'm a little bummed that I'm totally out of focus.  'Tis the curse of being closer to the camera than the rest of the people in the shot!   It was taken a week or two back when Seanie and I went out with Nicki to Jake's, the restaurant where her husband life partner works.

Right now, Seanie doesn't have a way to print the pictures directly, so what he does is after he develops the negative, he scans them into the computer and does a bit of digital clean-up when necessary.  It's great that he has a hobby that's allowing him to express himself creatively.  I think that's been missing in his life the last few years.
Tags: photo, photography, seanie

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