Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Where's the sugar?

There has been a serious decline in the number of cookies and candies residents have brought me this year.

I mean, it's not as if they have to.  My first couple of years at RHA I was quite astonished by how many residents gave me giftcards or boxes of chocolate at Christmas time.  It's great, and I really appreciate it.

But compared to back then, it's really dried up.

Part of the drop-off is due to the unfortunate fact that the older residents, the ones who tend to think of doing something nice around the holidays, are dying off.  One woman who always gave me something nice in previous years has brain cancer; another had a stroke.  Still other elderly members of the community have moved away into retirement communities.  The new residents, younger and typically immigrants, don't think of giving gifts to office staff.  I guess it's not part of their culture like it was for the previous generation.

But maybe people are just feeling the pinch in their pockets.  I used to get a present from the Tennis Club about a week before Christmas, but this year there wasn't even a card. Again, it's not like they have to do's just surprising that they didn't.  I mean, this year I went through and checked up on the records of every tennis player, which resulted in over a dozen households getting billed for the first time because for some strange reason, their paperwork was never processed.  That's a hefty chunk of new money in the club's bank account.  Oh well.  They probably just figure I'm doing my job, and they're right.
Tags: christmas, rha, snacks

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