Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Why did NaNoWriMo fail?

...and fail it did, make no mistake about that.
Yes, I did reduce the backlog, but not at all by the volume that I had hoped for.

There were three key reasons for this:
- School: I wouldn't stay that I studied a lot this quarter, but even the minimal amount of time I spent with books cracked open adds up, and it's minutes and hours that I'm not blogging.
- Work: Two jobs. Hours at RHA were the same as ever (minimal) but business picked up at the bookstore so I was working more than in previous months.
- Husband: It's not his fault, not really, but I feel really self-conscious journaling when he's in the house.  I just feel like I ought to be doing something more productive than tapping away on the laptop keys.  So unless he's out doing errands or off doing a work-related thing, I find it really hard to concentrate when he's around.

Tags: blogs, nanowrimo, writing

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