Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sushi St. Patrick

As a child, I remember being mercilessly pinched if I did not wear green on St. Patrick's Day, so even now I cannot conceive of leaving home on March 17th sans las ropas verde. To combat pinchers, today I was wearing my green t-shirt with with napping sushi printed on it, which is very cute and always results in compliments.

To make it St. Patrick's Day-themed, we can say that they're sleeping off a night of drunken debauchery.

Over the course of the day, people would comment on the shirt and I'd mention that I chose it to avoid pinches, and everyone over the age of twenty-five would laugh and share schoolyard memories of being chased or picked on because they'd forgotten to wear green.  However, if the customer was college-aged or younger, he or she would look confused.  Apparently - at least in the Los Gatos area - kids are no longer pinching on St. Patrick's. That's interesting.


In the bookstore, we sell little puzzle erasers from Japan that come in a variety of shapes, including different animals, toys, and foods.  I noticed a much greater interest in the sushi-themed eraser set than we usually have on a Tuesday.  Was this a subliminal influence of my shirt?  I wonder...
Tags: bookshopgirl, st. patrick's, sushi

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