Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Unwoman House Concert

My brother likes to support musicians on Kickstarter, so every once in a while (by which I mean: twice) he ends up hosting a performer in my parents' house for a small concert.  Tonight was a performance by Unwoman,a singer/cellist/songwriter who fronted for Amanda Palmer and tends to appear at a lot of gothic and steampunk-type conventions.  She's pretty cool.  Last time I saw her perform I bought two CDs, which are still sitting on a shelf in shrinkwrap NOT BECAUSE SHE'S UNTALENTED, BECAUSE SHE IS BALLS-OUT AMAZING, but because it turns out I never listen to CDs anymore.  But I still enjoy her shows.

This particular show was different than usual.  She was missing one of the electronic components she uses when performing that allows her to repeat recordings so she can sing in concert with herself (an actual musician would surely know what I'm talking about) and couldn't perform in her usual style.  But since she'd driven all the way down to San Jose, she put on an impromptu "acoustic" performance that was just her voice and her cello, and you know what? She was a bit nervous about the performance, since such an integral part of her performance was missing, but the stripped-down versions of her songs were still really beautiful and haunting and generally amazing.

I'd really recommend her if you've never heard her music before.
Tags: concerts, house concert, kenny, music

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