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WonderCon: Day Two

Another day, another round of panels at Wonder Con! Seanie and I had a tough time deciding between a Teen Titans Go! Screening and Q&A and Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Television Animation: Careers at Disney Animation. Ultimately, we went with the career one because we need jobs more than we need to see the voice actors behind a cartoon, albeit one we enjoy a great deal. Most of the questions were geared more towards students and very recent graduates, which is a bit of a downer when you’ve been out of school for several years. Still, it was very interesting. Two of the panel members outlined the different ways the studios are set up, and how production is managed in-house. I always love learning little insider tidbits like that. We hung around after the session was over with about twenty other people to talk to the panelists, who were friendly and helpful but somewhat discouraging. (Seanie was told his non-fiction writing skills probably couldn’t transfer over; my skills were more suitable for Disney Corporate). Ah well.

Wandering around the dealers’ room again, Seanie and I slipped into spending mode. We bought graphic novels until the weight of the bags threatened to pull our arms out of our shoulder sockets! Ben Costa signed two volumes of his Pang, the Wandering Shaolin Monk for us. We scooped up a ton of older Marvel and Disney comics at a half-price comic dealer. Valiant Comics was offering a bundle deal, so we picked out seven titles to try. Most of the books were new to us, but that’s what a con is for, right? Trying new stuff. I also picked up the first issue of IDW’s Jem and the Holograms, just to see how they updated the 80s cartoon for the 21st century. Good thing my arms were completely weighed down by bags – it kept me from spending even more money!

Boozin' up at Trader Sam's

At some point we looked at our phones and realized we’d missed most of the panels we meant to attend in the afternoon, so we walked to the car to drop off all the comics and wandered over to the Disneyland Hotel to hit up Trader Sam’s, the kitschy Tiki Bar we’ve grown to love. We hoped that since we were arriving so early, there wouldn’t be too many people around – but we still couldn’t get a seat inside the bar, so we sat on the patio in front and lazily sipped our Piranha Pool and Shipwreck on the Rocks. Originally, we meant for Trader Sam’s to be a pit stop, after which we would return to the convention. But after studying the schedule I decided there wasn’t anything that necessitated walking all the way back, so instead we slid off to Disneyland to do the Easter Egg hunt.

Oh, by the way – since it was Easter weekend, Disneyland had an Easter egg hunt. For $4.95 you buy a map, which gives you clues on where to look for the eggs, and after you locate all of them you return to the front of the park to pick up a prize. Sadly, Disneyland had sold out of the maps, so I couldn’t get a prize. Some enterprising cast member had made photocopies of the map, though, so we could still look for the eggs, at least. A couple of them were really well hidden, and took us forever to locate! But most of them were quite easy to spot once you got to the location. Seanie made a video of us egg-hunting, and if he ever edits it into something presentable I’ll post it.

We found the last egg just in time to run back to our car to pick up sweaters before heading into the Blue Bayou for our dinner reservation. The atmosphere of that restaurant, situated inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, is always so magical! It really seems like you’ve transported to a faraway land, and not a show building in a theme park in Southern California. The food was really delicious, much better than the last time I ate there. Seanie ordered jumbalaya while I enjoyed a panko-crusted rack of lamb with cheesy mashed potatoes. SO GOOD!!

By the time we finished dinner, it was getting late, and we didn’t want to get trapped in the post-Fantasmic crowds so we skedaddled. The park was really crowded with WonderCon and Spring Break visitors, so it was just as well. We couldn’t have gotten on any of the rides without long, long lines.
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