Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Winter Ball

Last night was the Winter Ball. The decorations were awesome. I should know, because I was there yesterday afternoon putting them up.

You have to understand that our gym is the ugliest thing in creation. It's awful and ugly. But what we managed to do was nothing but amazing.

After covering all the windows with black paper, we hung white gossamar on the walls. We put balloon trees around the room, with pale green and pastel blue "leaves." There is a balloon arch over the white bridge, which we covered in green ivy. People can cross it as they enter the Ball. There's glitter and sparkly stars EVERYWHERE. Lights add to the magical enviroment. In fact, little white Christmas lights are the only illumination in the room. It's gorgeous. It's lovely.

And we made a buttload of money from ticket sales. I didn't go (I went home and crashed asleep) but I wish I had. I hope it was as awesome as it should've been.

Guess I'll find out on Monday.
Tags: branham

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