Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Heading off on a nerdy adventure

WonderCon, WonderCon. Excited?  Yes!  For WonderCon!

(It's been a while since I've been to a comic book convention.)

I dropped Jeans off at the airport this morning (she has her own adventure this week), and then Seanie and I drove down to Anaheim for our weekend trip to WonderCon.  Even though we had a bit of a late start, we managed to get through the mess of  Los Angeles traffic by early evening.  We went straight to our Airbnb to pick up keys and drop off our bags.  While we were there, our hostess recommended we check out the Anaheim Packing House, a sort of indoor mall where each vendor rents a small restaurant stall to sell food from around the world.  It's very similar to food trucks, but all under one roof.  When we entered, a live band performed in the center atrium, while along the walls every kind of food was available.  You want BBQ?  Sushi?  Indian food?  British pub? Ice cream? Baked goods?  Pizza?  It's all there.

After taking a grand loop tour of all the offerings, we ended up going with a Japanese food stand.  Seanie picked up a big bowl of ramen while I settled on sushi and a open-faced pork bun.  It was pretty good; Seanie's broth was especially rich and flavorful.  We also got some frosty alcohol to help cool off in the warm night air - but alas, Seanie knocked his beer with his arm and half of it ended up on the table.

When we finished eating, we went over to Disneyland.  It was a busy night - I hadn't realized until we got to the park gates that this week was spring break for a lot of people, so families from all over the country were visiting the park.  We didn't go on too many rides because of the crowds, but just enjoyed people-watching and wandering around.  Since so much of the park is under renovation for the upcoming 60th anniversary, it was just as fun to study the architecture and find out what was changed in the time since Seanie's last visit than it would have been to ride on all the rides.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle is being decorated for the 60th anniversary with sparkling diamonds on the roof, navy blue bunting on the castle towers, and crystal diamond spires on the turrets.  In the night light, it really didn't look very impressive.  The "diamond" overlay looked like cheap plastic, and the silver tape criss-crossing the rooftops in an attempt to simulate the shape of a jewel just looked like Bedazzled duct tape.  I really hope that in tomorrow's sunlight, the decorations will look more regal and elegant.  The word that came to mind tonight for them was simply...tacky.
Tags: comics, conventions, disney, disneyland, vacation, wondercon

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