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Ipsy: April 2015


It's the season for music festivals and spring flower children, and boho-beauty looks are all over the fashion magazines. It's a look I've always liked, and I think I'd be very well-suited for it.  Certainly, I've got the long unruly hair and the vacant gaze and the !  But I work in a fairly conservative office where the casual, rumpled appearance of tiny tops and billowy peasant skirts goes over very poorly.  So I can only occasionally slip into dirty hippie mode - but let's see what Ipsy sent me.

Hey, a bag made out of raffia.  That's different.  I actually really like it.  While it's probably the same size as every other Ipsy makeup bag, it seems bigger to me.  Even though it's made of this hippie macrame-worthy material, the bag's lined inside and finished just as professionally as you'd expect from this subscription.

But of course, as always the items found in the bag are more important than its exterior appearance.  What do I need to complete a boho look, Ipsy?

THEBALM COSMETICS Nude Dude Eyeshadow Single in 'Fit': The Balm's "Nude Dude" line is actually a palette that contains twelve different shades of eyeshadow.  It's cheeky, it's cute, it's silly.  Ipsy subscribers were given a single pan of shadow from the palette.  It's pretty small - just a hair bigger than my thumbnail - but I like how compact it is.  'Fit' is a coppery shade that has plenty of shimmer.  This will be great for travel when I just need one or two basic shades of eyeshadow for a quick neutral look. $3.00

PANDORA'S MAKEUP BOX Blush in 'Pink Carnation': This is a peachy-pink blush that, according to the Ipsy copy, should be flattering on almost any skin type.  It comes in a neat origami-style folded packaging, but the blush itself is just a pan, with no external box.  You're meant to put it into a magnetic palette, if you have one. $14.00

MICA COSMETICS Eye Primer: I'm very lazy about using make-up primers, which are supposed to help keep pigments in place and prevent fading.  I'll try to remember to use this one, though - a couple of weeks ago I used an Urban Decay eyeliner and the most horrible problem with the pigment flaking off.   Hopefully a primer will help prevent that.  I must say, though - this is a tiny pot at 4 grams, but the full-sized 8 gram product goes for $44.95!  That's a lot of money; I hope it's worth it (even if I didn't pay that amount for it). $22.48

MULLEIN & SPARROW Tinted Cheek and Lip Balm: You want to smell like a hippie?  I got your scent right here in this cheek and lip balm, which contains orange and patchouli essential oil.  In the pot, the product looks like a deep wine color, but it goes on pretty sheer.  Not sure how I feel about patchouli lips, though. $10.00

ELIZABETH ARDEN Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in 'Red Door Red':  "Elizabeth Arden?" Jeans says, "You mean the old lady company?"  Yes indeed.  It's the classic Elizabeth Arden, and the lipstick is packaged beautifully in a golden tube that just looks so fancy compared to the simplicity of most modern packaging.  The lipstick is even stamped with the Elizabeth Arden logo.  Maybe I'm just easily impressed, or I'm an old lady at heart, or maybe I'm just overly fond of bright red lipsticks, but I love this. $25.00

Yeah, even though this looks perfectly normal in my image editor it's uploading at a weird angle.  Sorry.

Not a bad bag at all.  While I'm not over the moon about the weird patchouli lip balm, everything else is useful and can be worked pretty easily into my daily routine.  After being subscribed to Ipsy for two years, have I adapted to the sorts of things they send or has their algorithm just picked everything right this month?


Ipsy is a subscription service that sends a cosmetics bag filled with 4-5 products every month. It's $10 per month (plus tax). If you'd like to sign up or learn more, please consider using my referral link:
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