Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Christmas Party at Donna's!

Last night Donna had a Christmas party.  It was really fun.  Board games and presents, what’s not to like?

The evening started off with dinner and drinks – she had made these peppermint shots that I really wanted to like, but the flavor reminded me of toothpaste so I really couldn’t appreciate them properly.  Instead I settled back with a hard apple cider as we played Cards Against Humanity, a ridiculous card game where you are dealt random cards and forced to make them work with silly, stupid, and just plain dirty scenarios.  The alcohol didn’t help my focus or my creativity, I’m afraid.   It’s called ‘the card game for horrible people’, so you’d think I’d be quite good at it, but I’m not creative enough at on-the-spot improving, so my point count is always one of the lowest.

We also had a white elephant gift party.  Some people go gag gift on these, while others just go cheap.  I just buy something within the price budget that I think would be cool to have, so that in a worst case scenario I can grab my own contribution and be happy.  Seanie and I each brought a gift: one contained a book (original, I know) and the other held a random assortment of Japanese candies.  The candy proved the smash hit of the night as it was stolen again and again.  Who can resist Pocky?  But all of the gifts were pretty good.  Seanie ended up with a book for inspiring creativity and a Disney address book, and he was perfectly thrilled with it.  My bag had a pair of owl earrings in it that I adored and a random DVD sans case.  It was a great exchange!

Donna’s Christmas decorations were super cute.  She had a miniature Muppet village set up under her Christmas tree that was pretty cool.  The rest of her house is very gothic/art nouveau, so you’d think the Muppets would clash…but they fit right in.  Must be the Victorian architecture of several of the little buildings :-p

I stayed pretty late, even though I knew I'd have work the next day.  I just can't resist the opportunity to play board games with other adults who enjoy them as much as I do.
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