Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Mother's Day

At church this morning children handed out pink carnations to all the women, not just the mothers. The pastor took time to acknowledge the women who are struggling with infertility or never had the opportunity to have a child and the pain this day can bring them. It was a very touching moment.

Mother's Day wasn't something too exciting for us this year. My mom was out of town at a bluegrass festival, so my brother ordered take-out Chinese food and I picked up a bundt cake (Mom's request) and we had a late dinner after she got back. My husband, meanwhile, went up to see his mother in Morgan Hill. I'm not sure what exactly they got up to, but I'm pretty sure she did the cooking because who else would? (Buckleys aren't big on eating out like the Houghs.)

Happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever - even if she hates taking selfies with me ❤️
Mom selfie for Mother's Day!
Tags: church, family, kenny, mom, mother's day, photo, selfie

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