Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

The Domino Effect of Tidying Up

Our front room currently looks delightfully empty and inviting, with a large space in front of the television to stretch our legs. But the flip side of this is that the other half of the room has become incredibly crowded as our table is too large for the space it has been forced into. The couch effectively creates a tiny nook where our treadmill and Seanie's books live, but he can barely squeeze between them and move about.

So that's a work in progress.

The trouble with moving furniture about and changing the configuration of a room is that it sets the other parts of the house into chaos as they are converted into temporary storage. A week or two back, I went on a cleaning tear and got my office pretty darn decent looking. It's now completely cluttered up with stuff from the front room. The bedroom, too, has become a depository for knickknacks, collectibles, and other detritus from the living room. Every surface is covered.

I'm sure it'll all get sorted eventually. It sounds like Seanie and I will have some more time in the near future to work on it.
Tags: cleaning, declutter, home life, housewife, seanie

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