Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Free haircut?

A woman came in this afternoon while I was working to buy a book for a child.  I helped her pick one out and went to ring it up at the register.

As I was bagging the book up, she said, "You know, if you are ever interested in hair modeling Icould use one at my salon for a class."

I was immediately interested.  I had actually just booked an appointment to get my hair cut on Friday, but if there's a chance I could get the work done for free instead that would be really cool.  So I started asking questions. She explained that she'd be cutting my hair while the instructor watched and helped her improve her technique for working with long hair.  (Apparently hair models with waist-length hair aren't easy to find.) Would my hair be dramatically changed?  No, it would be kept long if I want long.  Would the haircut be discounted or free?  It won't cost me anything.  When would I need to be available? Well, there's a class tomorrow morning at 9 if I'm free... Where was the salon?  It was right across the street, at a salon where women commonly pay $300-$500 for their hair's upkeep, according to Yelp reviews.  So basically, a place I would never go on my own because I don't have that kind of money, and if I did I wouldn't waste it on my hair.

So naturally, I said I'd do the hair modeling.

Now, hours later, I'm realizing that I didn't ask if she would want to color my hair as part of the class.  Stupid oversight on my part.  Hopefully I won't show up tomorrow morning and be asked to get highlights or an ombré dye job.

But a free basic trim?  Heck yes I'm down.
Tags: hair, work

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