Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Student Haircut

I got to the hair salon right on time and was immediately brought to the back and settled into a chair. My stylist, Danielle, was really nice. She asked me what I had in mind, and if there were any celebrities whose hairstyles I wanted to copy. My mind went blank. I don't pay that much attention to celebrities anyway, so even if I saw someone's hair that I wanted there's no way I'd be able to name that person. So I said I just wanted to keep my hair long and to make it look healthier, get rid of split ends and maybe enhance the curls a bit.

She then brought the owner of the salon over to discuss my hair. This guy, David, is a total character. Zany to the max. He immediately looked over my hair and asked what products I used; when I told him he announced that they were all the wrong things. He asked about my psoriasis and what caused it, and when I told him I didn't really know he said I should try changing my diet because these things are almost always a reaction to something dietary. He went on a bit of a rant about how you shouldn't eat things if they ruin your skin because your beauty should always shine its brightest...the lecture only made me crave cheeseburgers, though. Don't get me wrong, I can understand his point - when you work in the beauty industry OF COURSE appearance is paramount, just like when you work at a bookstore the ability to express yourself with words is important. But me? I'd rather eat something terrible than have perfect, flawless skin.

So this is how the morning progressed: David would demonstrate a technique. Danielle would copy. David would correct. She would try again. When he felt she had it down, she would do the rest of my hair. This would repeat for each section of hair, because apparently the cut used for trimming the very ends of my hair isn't the same one used for layering, or for shaping my bangs. They would constantly spray my hair because it dries quickly, and I would have to stand in weird positions so that Danielle, who is not a tall woman, could reach my hair.

It took much longer than any other haircut I've had - almost four hours. On the one hand, it was interesting to hear David describe what he was doing and how to shape hair, but on the other hand I probably would have been just as happy to pay a cheaper stylist to get my hair finished in an hour.

But when they had me sign the hair model form, I did check that I'd be willing to do it again. I just can't resist a "free" price tag.

The haircut turned out pretty well, too. My bangs curl and frame my face, and the layers do help my hair curl more dramatically in the back. But I'm not sure how much of the curl comes from the cut and how much from the really expensive salon products they used to style it, so the real test will come after a week or two when all that stuff has washed out. If I can still maintain the style with drugstore products, we'll know the haircut really is a miraculous one.
Tags: hair, haircare

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