Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Freecycle is so awesome!

Over the weekend, a woman offered a 5' freezer to anyone who would come pick it up and take it away.  She said it worked great.  I was immediately reminded of my mom, who loves to buy large quantities of food (despite the fact that no one really eats three meals a day there anymore) and hates the fact that her narrow freezer can't hold all her purchases from Costco.  Today we picked up the freezer (for free!) and installed it in the garage.

Before we could plug it in, of course, we had to clear a place for the freezer to live.  This meant emptying two file cabinets and then pushing them across the garage, sweeping out dust and dead leaves, and maneuvering a large and heavy appliance into place. With a little help from Jeans, it all went pretty smoothly, and when I left Mom's house to go to work the freezer was starting to get cold. Mom put a bottle of water into the bottom to see how long it would take to turn from liquid to solid; as long as it's ice by morning, she'll consider the freezer a success.

Hooray for free stuff on Freecycle!
Tags: house, kitchen, mom

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