Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sometimes, a stupid joke fixes everything.

I've spent most of my shift fielding calls about broken sprinklers and kids being obnoxious in the pool, so I am eagerly anticipating the end of the day, when I can go home. A resident comes in:

Resident: There was something I meant to tell you, but I forget what it was.

I assume she has some sort of complaint, like a burned out lightbulb or a typo in the newsletter (it's been that sort of day).

She calls the office about an hour later:

Resident: Two antennas meet on a roof and fall in love. They decide to get married. The wedding ceremony wasn't much, but reception was exceptional. Happy 4th of July! Good night!

Resident hangs up as I crack up.  
Tags: jokes, puns, rha, silly, work

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