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Fanime Day One

[aside: Naturally, I want to skip ahead to the part that is most pertinent now. But I've got to do this right proper, after all. This is the third time I've written up the entry; Livejournal or Word keep flipping out on me. Arrrgh.]

I got a late start this morning. I awoke at a later time then I'd planned, but finished packing by eight. I drove out to Blossom Hill to drop off some drycleaning and pick up my paycheck from Sunrise. At Bandaid's – I was picking her up to take her to Fanime – I lounged while she hurried to pack; by ten-thirty we were on our way to Bath & Body Works to get our checks for the Almanac we did two weeks ago. The paychecks weren't it (Kyaa! Disappointment!) but after taking the trouble of going to Oakridge Mall we couldn't just leave. Bandaid found a cute skirt at Express but couldn't afford it; they had some white collared shirts on sale so if B&BW hires me, I'll have to stock up there.

When we got home Mom wanted to hang posters and paintings, which annoyed because she would wait until the last minute to ask my opinion. Finally, she drove us to Fanime. Yay. (This weekend would've been so much easier if I had Donatello. *sigh*)

When we arrived, Sailor helped me carry my junk to the hotel room I was splitting with Lindsay, Ronna, and Bandaid. He was dressed as Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary. His shirt kept riding up strangely because of the wings' straps, so we duct-taped them to his skin. It helped hold it down a little, and his shirt fell more naturally. After unloading my various outfits and paraphanelia, I bounced downstairs (I bounced everywhere this con. Boing boing!) to register. Rose of Versailles was showing, but by the time I finished registering it was half-over so instead I bounced off with Danny to the dealer's room. Most of the DeAnza kids, who I guess was my "group" for better or worse, were at an anime improv panel that one of them hosted. By the time I remembered to go, however, it was too late. Instead Danny and I flittered off to the art gallery. I was thrilled to see Ryuuzaki's art - she's so talented. ^_^ I was tempted to bid on one of her pieces, but could ill-afford to, especially since I'd already binged on all the volumes of Mars and Marmalade Boy I'd been missing.

Later in the afternoon Kitty came to play, hauling Tyler along. Since the dealer's room was closing soon, we headed there first. As we wantdered up and down teh aisles, I was shocked to run into Tabris (although I'd wondered if it would happen, since I saw his name on the pre-reg list.) We chatted for a few minutes and agreed to try to meet up again later. Neither Kitty nor Tyler saw anything they wanted, although later Kitty wanted manga. Kitty didn't ask anything about Tabi, which surprised me. Now that i have a boi I guess she's not nearly so curious about the other ones.

When Kitty arrived we'd both changed into matching dresses; hers was light pastel pink, mine was black. She looked so cute/hot/sexy/raaaaaar! in the short skirt and low cut bodice.
Conversation That Didn't Happen, But Should've
Kitty: Sam, stop staring at my boobies.
S: I'm not staring at your boobies.
K: My face is up here.
S: I'm staring at the cleavage of your boobies.

While most of the group watched ReDeath and Nescaflowne, Kitty and I wandered off to watch Full Moon wo Sagashite. It was scheduled for a previous time, so I was disappointed. ;_; Arina Tanemura is so cool, darnit! We waited for the fansubs to finish, and bounced off to watch hentai for the first time. After one episode of La Blue Girl, we'd had enough animated porn to last the rest of our lives, so Kitty and Tyler went home. Kitty was very disappointed that she didn't get to do Sailor's makeup, but he wasn't crossplaying because of his Setsuna costume. Sailor and I wandered around trying to dig up some privacy. Turns out that's pretty scarce at an anime convention. (whoddathunk?) We ended up going to George, Jun, and Carl's room, where we snuggled for a little while. Sometime in the early morning we ended up in my room, sleeping in my bed with limbs entwined. (If you could see my paper diary that I'm typing this up from, there's a little face going "makes me think of weeds, yo!" and it's really cute. ^_^) One of the post-Baum Oz writers observed that nothing is ugly while it sleeps, and I find it very true. Sailor is positively adorable when he's sleeping peacefully. Kyaaaa...but it got so hot and I couldn't figure out how to push him off without ruining the mood. ^^;

Fanime is supposed to be the termination of the "trial run" of this relationship. I've made it a bit of a goal to either fall in love or get out. Nearly six months is freakin' half a year, and that's plenty of time, ne?
Friday was really good. By the end of the day I was swimming in a happy little puddle of content satisfaction. When we were sleeping together, trying to be quiet as to not alert Ronna and Lindsay to his presence, I was happy-happy. Fulfilled giddiness. Probably love.


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