Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

My shift is filled with dread and loathing

You may remember that I have a resident with whom I really don't get along.  You might read about the root of the problem, a problematic party back in 2013 that she hosted, to understand why I was filled with apprehension this morning when my boss sent me an e-mail instructing me to call her regarding some bunco parties she hosts. They're a monthly event, with about twenty women playing dice games for several hours while gossiping about whatever retired women concern themselves with these days. In years past, my boss has allowed her to use the Clubhouse outside of normal operating hours for these events without charge, but he's changed his mind and wants me to tell her that this will not be an option when winter hours start next week. If she wants to use the Clubhouse in the evening, she has to pay the same $100 per hour fee as everyone else.

I could already feel a headache coming on as I read the e-mail. The woman will scream over the phone and probably call me names. If she's feeling especially feisty, she'll come down to the Clubhouse and give a repeat performance in person. Then, a preternatural calm will descend and she'll declare that I don't know anything and she'll talk to the bosses tomorrow and clear up this little misunderstanding.

I try to put off the call for about half an hour, but I know I have to do it so I call the resident's number. Luckily - or possibly very unluckily - her husband picks up. I explain the situation to him, and he says he'll have his wife call back because he doesn't really want to get involved. (That's not what he said but it was clearly what he meant). So now I'm rather jumpy as I sit here, waiting for her to call back.

I suppose he might forget to tell her. Would that be better or worse? On the one hand, she won't be yelling at me. But she'll show up the night of her event with her group of bunco players and have a screaming match with the front gate guard when she finds the Clubhouse all locked up. Better for me, but a much worse situation overall.

Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll call back tomorrow and talk to the bosses directly. She'll complain and moan, but at least she listens to them...
Tags: crazy lady, rha, work

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