Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

RHA Holiday Party + really good news!

Tonight was the annual RHA holiday party. For the residents, it's a great event with free food and a chance to reconnect with your neighbors. For me, it's just another work night, although I wear a festive little red dress and try to be extra charming and cheerful. It's fun, as work events go, but I spend most of the evening bringing out trays of food, clearing away dirty dishes, and wishing residents would drink a little less because they can be quite rambling after a couple of glasses of wine.

The far greater news of the day is that Seanie has received a job offer from the website where he's been interviewing. We reviewed the contract today and after much discussion, he's decided to take the job. Signed that contract and everything. It's real, folks! Soon he'll be writing for a new company.
Tags: holidays, job hunting, rha, seanie, work

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