Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Economically-minded me

Today Jeans and I were talking about a book group she's in. A small publisher submits manuscripts to a group of volunteers for vetting and proofreading. She invited me to join, but after a few weeks of skimming the group's Facebook page I realized it wasn't a good fit for me. Too tine consuming and too much like work. When I told her why I was leaving the group, she said, "I forget how business-minded you are."

I forget how business-minded you are.

It's an interesting observation because "business-minded" really isn't a word I'd think to apply to myself. But when I stop and think about it, my decision-making process does follow certain economic principles.

The biggest thing is that I think of everything in terms of opportunity cost. If I spend an hour watching TV tonight, the costs will be that I will not spend an hour reading or drawing. If I go back to school in September, I will not be able to continue searching for a full-time job. Opportunity cost. I think that everyone does this without realizing it, but in my head I definitely use "opportunity cost" as a column in my mental ledger where thoughts get sorted.

I guess I did take all of those business classes back in the 2005-2007 era, including multiple accounting and economics courses. Also, I work retail, where things like budget, inventory, price, sales, and salaries all compete endlessly to be quantified and managed. Certainly that influences the way I approach how I manage my time and my resources.

Heck, one of my favorite podcasts is Freakonomics!

Jeans knows me so much better than I know myself at times.
Tags: business, economics, jeans, retail
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