Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Kairi turns three!

What do three year old girls like these days?

Well, if Kairi's third birthday party is any indication, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic still dominates that demographic. In the park about a block from Kitty's house, picnic tables were decked out in Pony decorations and a Pony pinata waited to be broken. It was really cute.

Seanie and I arrived before the birthday girl - she was napping back at the house - so we milled around with some friends, playing lawn games like horseshoes and cornhole/bean bag tosses. The games were all targeted for kids the same age as the birthday girl, so we adult guests found them a bit lilliputian, but what can you do?

Eventually the birthday girl came out, and of course she looked adorable. She ran around with the other kids while the adults ate and talked. Eventually she came running back so that she play with her pinata. Initially, she and the kids swung at the cardboard Pony box but being so little, the impact was minimal. Eventually, her Uncle Kyle decided to intervene, and whacked the pinata with so much vigor that it smashed violently. Kairi burst into tears because he ruined the My Little Pony art on the sides of the pinata. Never mind the candy and toys that fell onto the ground, she was traumatized by the destruction of the pinata. As she sobbed, I naturally felt bad for her - but mostly, I couldn't stop laughing because the whole scenario was so ridiculously funny.

But it was fun. The kids discovered the joy of water balloons and stuffed themselves on cupcakes and candy, which is the whole point of birthday parties when you're a guest. We left before the unwrapping of presents but I'm sure the birthday girl found plenty of things to help her get over the loss of her pinata.
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