Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Stuff goes buh-bye

I live on one of the busiest streets in San Jose.  Sometimes, it's a real pain - parking can be tough, people drive like maniacs, and it's noisy.  But there's one benefit: if we want to get rid of something large and bulky, all we have to do is stick it on the lawn with a "FREE" sign and it disappears within a day or two.

Mom LOVES this.

Last week she was cleaning out her garage, and uncovered three chairs she wanted to dispose of.  A leather chair with a split seat, a wooden chair that matches nothing else in the house, and a rickety old office swivel-chair. Last Friday, she loaded them up in her van, drove to our house, and plopped them on our lawn.  Two chairs were gone by Saturday afternoon; the last one disappeared sometime on Sunday.

Then on Wednesday she appeared again with a mid-century modern laminate desk.  It was pretty retro cool, but we had no room for it so I couldn't keep it.  Out on the lawn it went.  It only lasted a day and a half before disappearing.

I wonder who picks them up, and where the furniture goes.  Is one of my neighbors sitting in the office chair right now as he plays on his laptop?  Did someone grab the desk to refurbish it and sell it, or is there some rockabilly chick geeking out over her sweet score?  Is some immigrant trying to sell them at a flea market in Milpitas like the family inThe Kite Runner?

Whatever happens, I hope it brings someone happiness equal to the joy my Mom feels every time she dumps something new on doorstep.
Tags: furniture, home life, mom

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