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Fanime Day Two

When I woke up, it was fairly early, maybe five-thirty or six. I didn't have much motivation to move, tho', so I stayed in bed beside him 'til tennish, half-waiting for lindsay and ronna to amscray, and half just too-damn-comfu to move.

Seanie and Tabi both called; I arranged to meet Tabi later at the Fruits Basket showing and told Seanie to come up to the hotel room when he arrived. (Despite the security people, he had no trouble getting to us. Hmmm...) He came up to the room adn we hung out for a couple of hours. Just random babbling - for some reason Lindsay was still there, so the topic inevitably turned to lesbians. (It always does when she's around; that and anime is all she can talk about.)
Lindsay: I'm bi.
Seanie: No, you're a lesbian.
Lindsay: No I'm not!
Seanie: Shut up! You are!
Eventually she gave in and admitted she was. We all moved on to other topics, but she kept trying to backtrack. ("Yeah, I'm a lesbian! So what?" "Lesbian sex blah blah blah!") Finally Seanie just told her to shut up and banned her from talking about sex ever. (She was babbling about how she wanted to see a lesbian orgy, and here she's never even kissed stupid.) Aaaaaaaa...Seanie's just so fun. He picked out my outfit, braided my hair, lent me his hat, nad let me replace his black hairband on my wrist with the blue one he wore Saturday. ^_^ It's pretty...but it looks lonely all by itself on my wrist. Irk...I forgot to ask Danny for one, and boi can't spare one because he needs them for work. Does anyone else in my haren have long enough hair? Hmm...I'll ask Davy for one in my next letter. I think he may be the only other one. Well, if I get one from Kitty and Bandaid that'll help even my collection out a bit...

Anyway (I got a little sidetracked) Sailor, Seanie adn I went to the dealer's room (I think it was all three of memory's fuzzy. I knew I should've written this up at the con.) and I rode around on Seanie's shouders, ten feet tall and flashing half the crowd. was fun. Some con workers came and told us we had to stop, tho'. Poo. Sailor found a seifuku he wanted to get me (Seanie had spotted some Branham amigos and was hanging with them for a while) so I helped pay for it. (Actually, I ended up paying for most of it. Meh.) He kept bugging me to wear it, which I didn't really feel like doing since I liked the outfit I was already dressed in. I bought Please Save My Earth, which I oughtn't have done, for I can ill-afford it, but I love that anime so, and I lost the pirate VHS copy I had a while ago. Sailor bought a batch of dvds and manga, skivving dangerously close to his money limit.

He wouldn't let up, so I changed into the seifuku. It was a size small, but the skirt seemed huge. I would guess it was a 30"-31" waist. I had to wear my pettipants just to keep them on, plus a safety pin. -_-; The sleeves were about an inch short, but Sailor didn't seem to care. He looked all beamy-dreamy, wearing that happy expression that renders internal fuzzies. (Seanie said he looked like a ravenous wolf eyeing a lamb, all shifty-eyed and scary. Merp. ^^;) I bounced off to a webcomics panel (Greg Dean was there! Woohoo! And Dom!) and Sailor went to entertain himself, as he didn't care to see anything vaguely Megatokyo-related. (He no likey. ;_;) There I regrouped with Seanie briefly, but I had to ditch him when Bandaid called for help. On the way out the door I saw Tabi in a red-and-black striped shirt, and said a quickquick hi.

Bandaid had gotten herself into a bit of a fix, as is her habit. J and Cee were both at the con, and she was having a heck of a time keeping them apart, and the stress was making her sick. Sailor and I had taken J aside and told him the facts about Cee (It was too painful to lie to him), and Bandaid hadn't seen him since. We had to keep Cee from finding him, because he was likely to start a fight if he saw him, and that was difficult because we didn't even know where J was.

Eventually I reunited with Seanie at the Masquerade, which for some asinine reason was referred to as "Der Cosplay" this year. He'd run into his ex-girlfriend and was downdown because of the bad memories it stirred up. He was being pretty huggyclingy, but I didn't notice until it was pointed out later. We watched mostly mediocre acts until Sailor came on with his two black mages; the microphones were pooty and I have no idea what his skit was about. Bandaid and I couldn't stop laughing as he stuck his crotch in some guy's face and did some weirdass stuff on his knees. It just looked so gay that it reminded Bandaid of J's obsession with Sailor, so we went to look for J. We found him hiding out in the staff section, which seemed really odd, but one of his friends (an adorable little blonde who I could swear was wearing a vintage vinyl Lip Service dress) works in there so I guess he was hanging out with her. We found Seanie again, with Carl, and went for dinner. We squeezed into a little table; Seanie and I ended up sharing our seat and splitting a pathetically tiny dish of chicken strips and a bottle of water. (Poverty sucks, yo!) He sorta apologized for being clingy earlier and reassured me there was no ulterior motive and Sailor shouldn't get jealous, etc. Naturally, none of this had occurred to me as being a possibility so I was like, "Huh? Mwwrrr?" Ah least he felt better and less mopey.

Carl, Bandaid and Jun went back to his room and Seanie and I went to watch Fruits Basket. I looked around for Tabi but didn't see him. Oh well, I try. Furuba is SO CUTE! I love it. ^_^ I really really want the DVDs. We watched five episodes; Sailor showed up during the fourth episode. Seanie was tired so after the fifth episode he went home (hug hug!) and Sailor and I went up to Jun's room.

This is where Saturday ends, even though it's probably only about eleven-thirty, if even that. I was having fun*fun, but I was dead-tired. ^_^ But it'd been one of the best weekends since high school.

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