Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Winter Ball Results

Well, apparently the dance was a great sucess. I've heard great comments from the people I've talked to who attended. They liked the decorations (good) and they loved the gossamar (better.) The DJ wasn't very good(too bad) because he played old music. But overall it was very enjoyable, even if the ticket prices were too high. (Get over it...)

Someone asked me why I didn't go. First off, there was a dress code. A girl had to wear a nice formal gown - guys had to wear slacks and a tie at the very least. I don't do dresses. I think they are a sign of oppression, and degrading to women. Also, I can't afford a formal gown PLUS dinner PLUS dance tickets PLUS new shoes anyway.

There's also the fact that I have personal issues with the DJ, especially considering I don't believe we originally planned to contract the guy anyway.

But mostly I just didn't feel like going. Too tired to be sweet and cordial to everyone.

So instead I stayed home and watched dust collect on my desk drawers. I think I may have a story about dust particles coming up.

I'll keep you updated.
Tags: branham

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