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Fanime Day Three

Sunday night / Saturday morning I had the worst time sleeping. When Sailor and I came up to the hotel room he was insisting he wasn't tired, but he lay down on the bed and was nearly gone by the time I changed into Superman pajamas. He got into a little snit about the lip balm I was wearing (disliked the smell or something. pfft.) so I washed it off and lay down with my back to him as to not offend his precious little nose.

After a while he was snoring softly, so I rolled over on my back. Big mistake! His arm came up out of nowhere and smacked me a good one on the face, across my eyes and the bridge of my nose. Owww...I drifted off for a bit but was awakened by another flailing limb...Sailor has bad dreams and thrashes terribly in his sleep. He was all over the bed, so I was sleeping on the edge most of the night. Mwwwrr. My bed, pout. (At one point in the night my face was so sore I just got up and went to the bathroom and spent fifteen minutes looking for bruising on my face. Ferreal.)

I nodded off again, and slept more or less 'til stupid Lindsay started blow-drying her hair at six-thirty / seven in the morning. That stupid girl has no tact at all. After spending eternity fixing her hair (it makes no difference, she has no style and it looks bad no matter what.) she put her loud, obnoxious music on. Irk. Some idiotic song from Slayers – she played the same damn tune continuously – was working my nerve. I called her name a couple of times to ask her to turn it down / off, but Ronna would hiss "SHHHH!" and the dumb chick didn't even hear me. Pfft.

Tho' still exhausted, the bed ceased to be worth staying in so I got up and showered. The boi decided he wouldn't crossplay today either, which angered me considerably.

If you strip away all the extra superfluous facts, you have this.
Boy made promise several months ago.
Boy did not keep promise.
Girl mad.
Girl no trust boy anymore.

He said if I'd just asked, he'd have done it anyway. That's a lie. He wouldn't have crossplayed, he'd have said something like "I don't feel well, Sam." (He only uses my name when I've been stupid, annoying, or I'm missing an obvious point. I hate to hear my name when he says it, because it's always attached to something negative. "I have work, Sam. "I can't afford to, Sam." "I blah-blah-blah, Sam." There's never anything nice about it. Pfft. Fine. He always does that when there's something I want to do.) And if he had gone through with the cross-dressing, he would've been complaining the whole time.
But ignore all that. It was a promise. You don't ask for promises, because they're made from the heart and should be done to please the other person, not out of duty. If I had asked (and more likely begged) it would cease to be a promise and become a favor at best and an order at worst.

I've been having trust issues with him, or maybe I just never trusted him to begin with. At any rate, I'd reached the point where I never quite expected him to do what he says he will, and always had a back-up when making plans because so rarely could he come through on them. But I really believed he'd do this one, and he didn't. It was frustrating and it hurt. If he'd never intended to dress up, he should've just said something so I wouldn't have brought all that extra baggage with me. Mwwrr. It made me wonder what else he's been leading me on about.

And I was mad because I'd gone around the day previous in that stupid seifuku just to please him. What, I entertain that schoolgirl fetish and he can't be bothered with my cross-dressing fascination. Fine..

We had to evacuate the hotel room at eleven, and Ronna felt horribly ill. She was in-and-out of the bathroom as I frantically cleaned up the room. Amazingly, despite the absence of our roommates and Ronna's sickness, we were out on time.

Kitty called and reminded me to buy her some manga, so I went to the dealer's room and picked up Peach Girl #1 and all currently published Paradise Kiss. Boi called because he thought I'd left the con, so I told him to wait with Bandaid. When I got back to the group I ignored hi, because I was angry and figured I'd go off if I talked to him much. He disappeared and then Mom appeared, so Bandaid and I departed.

**end Fanime 2003**

Mom needed to go buy a toilet, so I wasn't able to go home and sleep 'til half-past two. Once home, I did sleep for a few hours, which improved my disposition a bit. Then online I surfed to catch up on a 'Net happenings over the past few days. I talked to Spichan, who sympathized and understood my irritation with the boi. Most everyone else seemed to think I overreacted though.

One of these, surprisingly, was Dan. We hadn't talked for ages – he's always working – and I would've gone out to meet him for coffee or something if I wasn't so damn tired. But he sided with Sailor, saying I really shouldn't have expected a boy to wear a skirt to begin with. Pah. He did make me feel better, though. He usually does.

About ten minutes before my 'Net connection shuts off, Cee came online and asked me what was up with Bandaid. I started beating around the bush, but thought "Screw it. I can't lie anymore." and told him J was back. I also begged him not to start a fight with J, since J hadn't known Bandaid wasn't single. sigh. He wouldn't listen to me, though. I called Bandaid to let her know Cee knew what was up, but I barely relayed the message to her before he called her. It's probably the end of that relationship.

Bandaid called around midnight to let me know Cee was coming down from San Francisco tomorrow to dump her. I feel a bit guilty for bringing it on, but it really was inevitable.


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