Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A quiet couple of days at Mom's

My parents are getting their house re-roofed, so I've been hanging out at their house during the day. Mom's at work, Dad's been out of town hiking, and I haven't been scheduled at either job so I might as well be here in case the roofers have any questions.

That's the official reason. The primary reason I'm here is to mooch their air conditioning. It's been a super hot week, with each day in the high 90s or the 100s, and the tiny window air conditioning unit at home can't do anything to make the house bearable. So it's far more comfortable to putter around my parents' house.

I've been a little useful. I've been going through the clothes that are still here - mostly costume components and Lip Service clothes from my Gothic phase - and figuring out what needs to be given away or sold. As much as I like to think I'm going to squeeze into the XS corset again, it ain't gonna happen unless I do some major exercise, and my habits just aren't trending in that direction.

I also accompany my mom on her shopping trips and entertain her in the evenings so she doesn't suffer from empty nest syndrome. After all, now that my brother has sorta moved out to live with his girlfriend she often doesn't have anyone else around, and she gets lonely. So I pop in and hang out with her and in return she cooks my favorite foods and we watch movies. It's a good gig.
Tags: clothes, family, housewife, mom

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