Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

And in the end she did not get what she wanted.

Just to follow up on this previous post...

So Problem Resident never called back that evening, or in the days that followed.  I assumed that perhaps she'd spoken to one of the bosses during the day and that's why I didn't hear anything more.

Then last night rolled around.  I don't know the exact details, but apparently she tried to come in and when told she would not be able to use the Clubhouse without paying, she blew up and claimed we'd never told her and she had no way to know and we were all terrible, terrible people.  She got very mad at my boss and wouldn't listen to a thing he said.

But he's the boss, so she can't escalate it further unless she goes to the Board - and the whole reason we started cracking down was because they requested it. She can't bully her way 'round the problem and she's not happy about it.

It probably makes me a terrible person, but I was pleased that when she started screaming, it was at my boss. Not because he deserved it, because he's the nicest guy around, but just once I wanted the office manager and the CEO to know just how horrible and disrespectful she is when she goes on one of her tirades. I've borne the brunt of her wrath multiple times, and I'm sure some of my former co-workers did, too.  But when I've told the bosses, they've been...not dismissive, exactly, but tended to treat my reports as if I might have been exaggerating a skosh, and I'm not.
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