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Why I act the way I do, and do those things.

I hate the world today. You're so good to me, I know. But I can't change – tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe I'm an angel underneath, innocent and sweet. Yesterday I cried; ya must've been relieved to see the softer side. I can understand how you'd be so confused. I don't envy you.
I'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one.
I'm a bitch.
I'm a lover.
I'm a child.
I'm a mother.
I'm a sinner.
I'm a saint.
I do not feel ashamed.
I'm your hell.
I'm your dream.
I'm nothing in-between.
You know you wouldn't want it any other way.

So take me as I am – this may mean you'll have to be a stronger man, but rest assured that when I start to make you nervous and I'm going to extremes, tomorrow I will change and today won't mean a thing.

Just when you think you've got me figured out, the season's already changing. I think it's cool that you do what you do, and don't try to save me. I'm a bitch. I'm a tease. I'm a goddess on my knees. When you hurt, when you suffer – I'm your angel, undercover. I've been numb. I'm revived – can't say I'm not alive.

You know I wouldn't want it any other way. ^_^

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