Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I turned in my (almost) two weeks' notice.

Telling the bosses at Village House of Books that I am going to leave was hard. I wanted to put it off as long as possible because I knew they'd be disappointed, but I also didn't want to get into a time crunch. Since they had not scheduled themselves on a day that I worked, I went in today to take care of it.

They were understanding, of course. I told them that I had to leave because of the hours, and that is true enough. Eight hours a week? No one can hope to live on that, especially not in San Jose. If I'd been given an opportunity, I might have gone into some of the organizational things that also contributed, but they didn't give me an opening. That's fine. It's always better to leave on good terms.

When I told them where I was going to start working, they recognized the amazing opportunities the new store opens for me. But they also said that I'd always have a home at VHOB if I needed it, which was sweet.

I'll finish out the month (all two or three shifts that are left) and then that will be it. Well, not quite. I will have to schedule a day with someone from the staff to train them on how to use the newsletter account and the website. And I promised I'd help out with Andy Weir, since that's going to be such a major event (it's already sold out!) and because I wanted to see his talk anyway.

But this chapter in my life is coming to a close.
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